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Been eye'ing Tundra's for the past 2 years or so. Being a homeowner without one sucks!

Sold the bimmer a couple of months ago, refi'd the house to a 15 year note and then got the nod of approval from the wife. Didn't take but 3 days after closing to land the truck!

2012 DCSB SR5 5.7 Magnetic Grey over Charcoal.

Truck already has a leveling kit, intake, exhaust, bed liner and soft tonneau cover. Only thing I'm eager to do quickly are rims/tires as it's on the steels and weather tech floor mats.

All in all, love the truck!

Next up is to read on maintenance as I do all my own. I hear that oil changes suck, and saw the Versa housing swap, I think that'll be in order for the first change.

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