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Corsa, Borla, and Magnaflow!

Why are you looking into an exhaust?
Maybe you want to roar going down the street or on the track. Perhaps you want better exhaust flow for more performance. Or maybe you heard that Autoplicity has great prices on exhausts and you have had your eye on that Borla ATAK? Thats the one isn’t it?

Do you really know what your exhaust is for? The ins and outs of it? As long as its doing its job who cares right? Or maybe it doesn’t matter as long as it sounds good?

Well, yeah. It seems most people only care about how it sounds. And really, why not? Most exhausts are going to do the job. But here are a few things that an exhaust does and how it benefits your vehicle to have a good exhaust.

Back Pressure!
Needed, but not to much. The thought you need back pressure or don’t need back pressure is a topic for another time. But essentially to much back pressure can restrict your engine, just like not getting enough fresh air(intake hint hint). Cutting back on that back pressure can help you gain some horsepower. Obviously not as much as a turbo or supercharger does, but there is some to be gained. But depending on the exhaust system you go with whether its just a muffler, a cat-back, or maybe full headers and all. You might get around 10 more for just a muffler, with more increase the more you replace(cat-back or everything). For example, CORSA 3.0" Sport Cat-Back for the 2011-2018 Tundra 5.7 claims on their site to have +3HP, +9 Torque. Thats one example from CORSA.

Fuel Economy?
Surprise! You could be get better fuel economy! Not 10+ mpg but a little bit better. But like, 1mpg more. But it adds up with other supporting mods!(intake again hint hint)

FINALLY! The Sound!
This is what most care about, myself included sometimes. We want it to sound good! Well, I don’t really have anything to say here since this is something that I think is a personal opinion. And we all know about opinions, just like armpits, every one has some and they usually stink. Whether you want the tuner car sound or a nice deep growl, an exhaust can definitely make your vehicle sound the way you want!

In short, most big name aftermarket exhausts out there today are going to help at least some with performance. They are built to perform. In the end, it comes down to your preference and your choice of what you want your vehicle to sound like.

The link included is one of many different exhausts available, this particular one is the Borla Touring for the Tundra.
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