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Welcome to the TundraTalk Classified Section!

Before you make a post in this forum, please read the following rules carefully!​

The rules set forth are designed to protect buyers and sellers of this site. Selling, buying and trading on TundraTalk are for the benefit its members only. The sole obligation of the Classified Forum is to provide a place for contributing members to enjoy the benefits of membership and participation by allowing them to sell and buy personal items to and from other members.

To maintain these benefits, and to prevent the use of the Classified Forum by non-sponsoring commercial entities and fraudulent users, we have imposed the following rules for using the Classified Forum:

1. New Members: New members may not sell or trade anything unless they are a member for over 90 days and have over 50 posts.
This rule does not apply to paid memberships. The Classified Forum is a privilege for contributing members. Post padding (i.e., "nice truck," "I agree," "+1") in order to meet the Classified Forum posting requirements is not permitted. The moderators and administrator reserve the right to delete any post from any member that they deem has been posted solely for the purpose of accessing the Classified Forum. If you do not wish to participate, you may purchase a membership here.

2. Listing Requirements: This area is open to any item you wish to buy, sell or trade, and may include non-Tundra-related items. All listings must include the price, a photo of the actual item (stock photos are not acceptable), and the location of the item. If the proper information is not provided, the post will be deleted. The subject of your post must start with F/S, WTB or WTT. The item must be owned by you and in your possession. You may not post items for a 3rd Party.

3. Multiple Items: Multiple items should all be posted in a single thread, with the exception of an entire vehicle, which may be posted in a thread of its own.

4. Firearms: Federal law prohibits the sale, trade, or purchase of any firearms, ammo or weapon-related items on this website. Please do not attempt to post firearms or firearm-related items on this site.

5. No auction style posts! Links to E-Bay auctions are permitted; however, Auction-Style posts are not. You may accept offers, but a reserve price must be listed.

6. No “Feeler” Posts! Decide in advance whether you wish to sell your item or not. Too often, these types of “for sale” posts turn into Auction-Style threads, which are not permitted.

7.Thread Bumping: Only the Seller can bump a thread. Excessive thread-bumping is not allowed. Do not bump your thread more than once in a 48 hour period.

8. Questions for the Seller: Only the Original Poster will be able to reply to a thread in the classified section. If you have questions about an item or wish to purchase an item, please contact the seller via PM.

9. Final Sale: An item will not be considered “Sold” until payment is sent to the seller.

10. Sold Items: Update your thread within 24 hours when items are sold so a moderator can move the thread to the Sold section. Please assist us in keeping this area organized & tidy! Either post "SOLD" in the thread, or contact a moderator to have the thread closed and moved. If you have multiple items for sale, please contact a moderator when you are ready to close the thread.

11. Protecting Sponsors: In order to support the sponsors that make this site possible, we will not allow any retail sales that are in competition with our sponsors! They pay to advertise here and sell new parts. Please contact the administrator if you wish to become a site sponsor and sell retail items here!

12. Group Buys: Group purchase threads are only allowed to be posted by official site sponsors. If you are not a site sponsor, but wish to create a group buy thread, please contact the administrator.

13. Selling in Other Forums: Non-sponsor posts advertising goods or services in other parts of the forum will be moved or deleted.

Any violation of these rules can result in your thread being deleted, access to the classifieds being removed and/or being banned from this site. We reserve the right to make changes to these rules without notice.

By using the TundraTalk Classified Forum, you assume all risk and liability associated with any sale, purchase or trade made therein. TundraTalk will not and cannot act as a mediator of any transactions. If you feel that another member is abusing the Classified Forum, please report such abuse to the moderators and administrator, and an investigation will be conducted.

Thanks for using the TundraTalk Classified Forum and Happy Selling!​
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