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@EBC Brakes UK -

I would love to hear your recommendations for a pad that is close to the factory upgraded TRD - but with a few changes.

Here has been my experience with brake pads on my tundra: The factory set lasted. Over 120k miles. I drive the truck everyday with a typical 500-1000lbs of load out in the bed and back seat, and I tow a trailer of varying size and weight (2k to ~10k) a couple of times a month. To boot, I live in a place that gets -all four seasons (sometimes in the same day, even!) so cold weather performance is a consideration. And the vehicle is sometimes used to access somewhat austere locals encountering dirt, mud, slush, coconut shells, rabid bunny rabbits, gravy, very small rocks, and the such. When my factory pads were done, I elected to put the upgraded TRD pads on, along with new rotors, on all four corners. Amazingly, the pads were nearly equally worn front and rear and all needed to be replaced.

I loved the noticeable but not extreme or uncomfortable amount of extra initial bite, as well as the increased brake force with less pedal travel. I honestly could not believe how much I liked the feedback they provided and how responsive they were to minor (not minute) pedal inputs. They felt very well balanced while being aggressive and tame at the same time. I thought perhaps my impressions had been jaded by running factory pads so long that perhaps they lost some efficiency. I never experienced brake fade or felt like the factory pads were inadequate, but the TRD pads took things up a notch or two and made the driving experience more enjoyable

Unfortunately, after 5k miles, the new factory Toyota rotors warped, inducing a bad shimmy in the steering wheel, along with a pull when braking that started to become unnerving. The shimmy quickly caused uneven tire wear so I had to rebalance the front tires which were out by several ounces (they had been balanced and rotated at the same time that I changed the brakes). I’m the only one that drives the vehicle and my driving habits haven’t really changed. I don’t flog the vehicle; i rely on it every day and take care of it. So I was surprised to see the rotors warp.

I ended up replacing the front brakes again with a set of OE factory pads and rotors, and discovered that there was a significant difference between the two pads. That difference wasn’t because the original pads were worn as I had suspected. Now I find my self missing that into a bite and extra braking performance, but can’t afford the downtime, cost, and and extra wear and tear on the vehicle if I’m going to keep warping rotors.

So, my question to you is: do you make such a fanciful unicorn of a brake pad that offers better initial bite, OE or better fade resistance, loooooong pad life, and puts up with cold weather? Oh, I don’t care much for brake dust, though a little isn’t horrible.
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