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I always search this forum for information but have never given back, so here goes.

I am on a tight budget, just having bought my first home and having our first kid 6 months ago, on top of moving across the state.

Ideally would have loved to get some bypass shocks as I actually use my truck off-road at least twice a month in the desert. I ended up going with Doetsch Tech 8000 prerunner series on the rear of my 2013 Tundra because of the large shaft size and shaft bump as well as slightly larger body and piston over other cheap white shocks.

The part number is #8350 and they come out to 15.4" compressed and 26.0" extended. I paid around $45/shock and picked them up from Doetsch Enterprises in El Cajon, CA. They are about .25" longer than the 5100 compressed.

Ride: These are firm shocks valved for a full size truck. I had BAD wheel hop before putting these on and it is all but gone. I do not run a front swaybar and these shocks help control body roll. The ride is firm though. They softened up slightly after the first 1k miles but are still firm. Off road they help control bottoming as the valving ramps up quickly on high speed hits. My rating for these shocks would be 4 out of 5 for a cheap shock. I would recommend these to a friend. They are far better than the stock shocks and on slow speed trails it controls the body well. High speed washes are also much more controlled but nowhere near as good as a real race shock.

If anyone has any questions, please ask.
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