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Bullet Proof Fabricating 07-09 Tundra grill

Tools needed
-Philips Screw Driver
-Flat Head Screw Driver
-Dremel or Rotary Tool
-Tape Measure or ruler
-Zip Ties
-1/4inch Drill Bit
-1/8 Drill Bit
-Sandpaper or Sander
-10mm socket and ratchet
-J-B Weld or plastic weld
- double sided tape
-Paint or plastidip

step 1. remove bolts and screws holding grill to hood marked in the pictures with arrows to remove the screws you have to remove the black cover on the top of the grill

the last picture is of the bolts on the inside of the grill at the top

step 2. with the supplied hood latch bracket line it up with the oem hood latch where the screws go in and the bar below it mark with tape and a marker so you know where to drill the holes for the new bracket remove screws holding hood latch

i drilled the holes on the bottom of the bar and thats where you will bolt the new bracket on

once all the bolts and screws are removed you can pull the grill off the truck and you have this

step 3. remove the screws holding lower bar to grill then pull bar off of grill

step 4. seperate inner and outer grill by prying on the tangs holding it on i used a flat head screw driver and some force there are alot on there so be patient

step 5.once seperated you can now cut the inner part out on the black part of the grill where to cut is shown in the picture to cut it you can use a dremel or angle grinder or some cutting tool i used and angle grinder so it would be quicker

after you cut it out it will look like this

step 6.This was the most confusing part for me. Now you will have to measure and cut some more make sure the grill is face down and you will measure from the front of the grill towards you i taped it off so i could have a guidline to cut what i did was make a mark in the middle and each side for the top and bottom and used tape to connect the points then on the sides i made the mark at the measurements and used the tape to make my line where to cut
this picture is one supplied by bpfabricating to show where to measure

these next ones are just showing how i taped it off

this one was not all the way taped up there will still be those indentions on boths side i will explain later how to get rid of them

step 7. with the extra material you cut you will need to take some and glue it behind the indentions on both sides of the grill
i used J-B Weld plastic weld and it worked awesome the red arrows point to where you need to glue the peices

step 8. first sand the extra material left over from cutting then bondo where you glued the pieces in this can take a litlle bit of time and a few coats of bondo to make it look completely smooth

i sanded the extra material first to make the bondo process faster

In these pictures the two peices of the grill are together because i had to put it on for a couple days to drive before i could finish

step 9. after your done with the bondo and sanding you need to paint the black part of the grill in this picture i was taping the chrome because i reconnected the 2 pieces but you could paint both if you wanted i used black plastidip but you could use anything i think it would look good with a textured paint. you can also see that the new hood latch bracket is installed on the bar on the back of the grill.

step 10. attch the letters to the mesh grill i used J-B Weld kwikweld you could also use a good double sided tape i just felt the glue would hold it better

step 11. attach the mesh grill to the rest of the grill i used metal zip ties. I put some all around it to amke sure it wouldnt come off

step 12. reinstall the grill onto the truck and attach the oem hood latch to the new hood latch bracket with the supplied bolts. In the picture you can see the bolts holding the new hood latch bracket to the mesh that is because where i drilled my holes it put the bracket right up against the mesh but i like it like that just more security to me but you can make it where it is farther away and you wont have to see the screws

this is the bottom of the bar attached to the grill to show where my holes were drilled to attach the bracket to the bar

in this one you see how the hood latch is attached to the new bracket and grill

and this is the final product it was a fun install and my first mod to the truck they also have different letter options also

Here is a link to the manufacturer install just incase you wanted to see it
Here is link to the grill on their page
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