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Figure with all the info that I got off TundraTalk, it's time for me to give a little back... Hope this will help some others with LED Dash Mod... I'm not going into detail on how to remove radio, I'm sure there's plenty info out there.

Tools Requires:

1) 8mm/10mm socket with ratchet
2) 10-15 Watt solder gun
3) 11-16 0805 LEDs (Your Color)
4) Rosin Core Solder
5) Phillip Screwdriver
6) Pocket Flat Screwdriver

Here's some Pictures to ease the DIY:

Removed all 4 the screws with either a screwdriver or 8mm sockets. There's 4 on each side to remove radio brackets.

Before you remove above brackets, remove these black screws, 2 on each side to take off the face radio trim panel

Remove the 2 screw per side that hold the faceplate together to the head unit. Once remove all 4 screws, on the top if the unit, there are clips that still needs to be pry using the POCKET FLAT Screwdriver to separate them up. Take your time

Be careful, once separated, there's a ribbon harness needs to be disconnected. The way you disconnect these is by pull the tab up and pull the ends out. It's pretty easy, it may be pulled out and just push it back in when ready to put it back together.

Ok, once you disconnected ribbon, remove the 5 screws that holds the panel on the back side to access the circuit board.

After panel remove, you'll see 10 screws that holds that circuit board on there. 4 silver screws on the left and 6 black screws on the right of the panel. Removed them all.... Pay attention and you'll see 3 ribbon harness are connect to the circuit board. One on left of the board and 2 on the bottom.

The ribbon is remove the same way as the first one. Just pull and push back in once done. There is a clip on them which pops up, just put it in once done and push down on clip to lock. Also below picture as shown, look at the face of the radio and pull the volume knob off before pulling the circuit board off, it does hold the board from coming off.

Once ribbons, screws and knob removed, yu can go ahead and lift the circut board out of there and flip it around. You'll see all the LEDs you need to removed and solder new ones. I'm not going into how to remove LEDs and installing them since TOX did a DIY on his page which I'm posting below to ease your installation.

Credit to TOX: Dash LED Swap - Goodbye Amber...

There are 11 leds below that needs to be replaced in order to complete the LEDs swap. If you pay real close attention to the corners of the LEDs, there's a missing corners on one side. Missing corner = Ground Side.... On the 0805 leds you ordered on ebay, those LEDs comes with 2 legs per side on each LEDs and when you pay attention to the new 0805 LEDs, there's one side have green marks on the legs which is the negative side to want to match up to the missing corner. LEDs WILL NOT WORK IF INSTALLED WRONG WAY. Remember: Missing Corner = Ground & Green Marks = Ground... Just have to take your time and patient. If you don't remember how to took those LEDs off, on the circuit board there's always one side is marked which is the negative as well.

Final Product !!! Hope this will help you guys out !!!

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