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Thought I would start a new post on my buying experience to see if anyone else help or comment on the same:

I just purchased a 2008 Tundra through a private seller. He was the first owner.
When I was reviewing the original bill of sale from the dealer, I noticed the in-service date was 6 mths prior to the purchase date.
Of course, this starts the clock ticking on the warranty.
The truck was purchased marked new with 6 miles on the bill of sale.
According to the previous owner , he was unaware he was buying a brand new truck with a reduced warranty (now 4.5 yrs, instead of the full 5yrs).
The only thing marked on the bill of sale was "vehicle already RDR'd" which means many things. One of which is that the warranty clock has already started. No one communicated this to him either in writing or verbally.

So, we both sat down with the GM on Saturday and tried to get this corrected. No go. He would not budge. In fact, he even tried to sell me an extended warranty like a good salesman.
Anybody run into this situation before, and have advice on what I can do ?

No one should have to pay to have the original 5 yr warranty honored.

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