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Greetings from Toronto.

I have been a Toyota guy for many years now - specifically on their Lexus platform. In November of 2016, I traded in my 2012 Pearl White Lexus IS-F for a 2016 Desert Sand Tundra TRD Pro due to the purchase of some property north of the city.

While I have little desire to radically modify my TRD Pro, I have definitely used this forum to review some amazing mod's - some simple and some, well, not so simple - when I am just passing the time and to research any defects or issues related to the platform (creaky skid plate anyone?). I am, what is affectionately referred to in social media circles, a "lurker". You probably won't see me post much other than this but a huge thanks to those of you who do. The info I have retrieved from this site has proven to be invaluable and saved me (and the service department) time and money (see creaky skid plate!).

I finally determined it was time for to become a registered user. Thus, I am fulfilling my 'obligations' of posting here to assure you and the great people at Tundra Talk that I am not a bot.

Keep on truckin'!


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