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Hey y'all.

Got a 2017 platinum, 4x4.

Currently stock wheels n tires.

Bought some used method nv's 18x9 with a +25 offset.

I originally thought I'd be okay with 33's...nope. After all the research on here and online I feel a tundra with 35's and A/t's visually fill the wheel arch nicely.

Also bought the TRD pro suspension. Not installed yet.


I'm thoroughly confused as to what tire size I should go with. The guys at my local tire shop said I shouldn't go any wider than 245mm. For a 9" rim. I was hoping to go with a 275mm but feel that might be pushing it.

I'm okay with trimming the wheel wells for clearance.

Sigh, and here's where I'm stuck. With the 2.5" of lift from the Pro Suspension what would be a good tire size ?

I realize this topic gets asked every other day here on TT, but I've researched and read enough to bamboozle myself.

Any help appreciated.
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