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I was in the same boat..bought some silverstar ultras for lows and nothing will come close to a 6k halo except a 6k hid...when I'm able to afford a retro that is what I will do, I'm sure not having a projector would glare out your low beam halo
Oracle halo's are closer to 5k color temp.

I have halo's and 35w 6k HID's from DDM and they do not match. I'm going to swap my HID's for 5k soon to see if I can get closer.

but not wanting to do the hid w/ballast right now. Just trying to get a "plug n play" solution, like the Silverstar ultras or something I see in the store.
I will never buy a regular halogen bulb again. I was running several different bulb's in my old truck, one would burn out after about 6 months. That's a lot of money on light bulb's! those things aint cheap! Same thing happened in the Tundra. First mod I did and also the first thing to break!

got my $35 DDM HID's and have been running strong for 6 months.

just my .02
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