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Hey everyone, I was hoping I could get some thoughts from you all. I've been reading around, but I'm an amateur on truck suspension.

I will be installing an Expedition One bumper, along with a 12K synthetic line winch on my RW DC 4x4, along with White Knuckle DOM rock sliders. Looks like that front should weigh in right about 200 lbs on bumper and winch alone.

For suspension, I'm looking at going with RaceRunner SAW coilovers sitting on PRG UCAs, along with a 1" block in the back. End goal is about 3" of lift so I can fit Goodyear MT/Rs in 315/70/17 on the RW rims with 1.5" spacers.

My concern is that the extra weight is going to overload the RR coil as I adjust preload to achieve lift. Should I be worried? If so, does somebody make a higher rate spring/coilover assembly? I'm primarily concerned that the tires fit and maintain travel; actual lift height is not as important. If 2.5" instead of 3" would mitigate any problems, then so be it. This setup is for performance, not looks.

Would adding spacers for the lift, and leaving preload set to a minimum be a good solution?

The guys at performance lifts mentioned the concern, but they don't appear to offer anything. I see that Greg at PRG has 2 different options for springs, but I haven't been able to get a hold of him this week to ask questions. OME is not in the running, as I want a higher performance shock.

Usage will be high speed desert fun, and moderate rocky areas. It'll see dirt fairly often so I want to do it right.

I need to do more research on rear block vs. deaver or add a leaf, so feel free to comment on that as well. The rear shocks will get upgraded in the future, but it isn't in the cost structure right now unless somebody offers me a great package price.

Thanks and sorry for wall-o-text!
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