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Code P230 Intermittent

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2008 5.7L 256k
I've seen this issue posted a few times but never with a solution. Every time I cold started the truck it would turn over, go through normal idle progression up to about 1200 rpm then stall after several seconds. May have had to repeat this 3 or 4 times then it would idle normally, code would clear, and I could drive it without issue. The dash lights would show transmission oil temp and check engine but the the code in the log is p230 fuel pump primary circuit malfunction. Finally this happened while I was driving and it stalled. I was able to restart the truck but it would do it again. Had a shop look at it and they found the problem pretty quick. The fuel pump control module was pretty much falling apart. The metal bands holding it together were rusted non existent, the plastic sealant holding it together was shot, and it was shedding green ooze and crystals. Pretty easy and accessable fix but not the cheapest. It's beside the gas tank mounted to the frame. The gen 2 07-09 fuel computer modules now run about $500 and you can only get them straight from Toyota new.

I wanted to clear up some information from other threads. This module is plug and play. You DO NOT have to get it coded as some have claimed. This was my problem and solution but it may not be yours if you have the same issue. Have seen everything from faulty after market auto start relay bypass to loose alligator clips in the harness causing this issue for others. Hope this helps someone out there with a similar issues.
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Good info there, thanks for sharing…that will definitely help someone out in the future.
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