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Clogged windshield washer spray nozzle - 2007 Tundra

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I noticed a good bit of smegma floating around in my windshield washer reservoir and some of it made it's way to the passenger side spray nozzle clogging one side.

I siphoned and rinsed out the reservoir a few times until I could no longer see crap floating around. After that I removed the nozzle, soaked it in hot water, tapped it on a hard service, blew air through it from both ends, repeated the process and I am happy to report that this fixed the problem.

The toughest challenge was figuring out how to remove the nozzle, I used a key to push the center bottom portion below the nipple toward the windshield and unsnap the nozzle. The rest of the process was easy.

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The washer reservoir is currently filled with soft water, I will add de-ionized water after I have used a bit of what is in there, the de-ionized water will clean out whatever buildup is left over without harming anything. RO and distilled water will do the same thing. I don't have to worry about freezing temperatures at this time.
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