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Hey everybody!

CARiD wants your strong, off-road capable pickup truck to be at its best!
Whether your mighty truck needs better fuel efficiency, higher level of safety or simply a set of decent tires, CARiD has got everything you need! Check out new truck parts and accessories:

1) Custom Cab Cooler by Covercraft

Custom Cab Coolers surround only the top greenhouse of your pickup’s cab and block the sun from entering through the windshield, rear window, side windows, and sunroof. Custom designed for a perfect fit on your make and model, slipping it on or off takes only seconds with the use of elastic straps for sideview mirrors, door handles, and/or wheel well liners.

2) Spark Plug by E3

The revolutionary design allows for forced edge-to-edge spark discharges, which are proven to be the most efficient way to get a spark to leave the surface. That is why the E3 spark plugs offer a faster forming and stronger flame kernel, and thus more complete fuel combustion in your truck's engine.

3) Mud Gripper M/T All Season / All Terrain Tires by Fuel


- Maximized mud-terrain traction
- Provides extra grip in any conditions
- Tough carcass for maximum durability
- Heavy-duty 3-ply walls
- Excellent bruises and cuts protection
- Deep lug tread pattern for superior heat dissipation

4) Universal Quad Row Long LED Light Bar by Lumen


- Light position is adjustable
- Light assemblies mount easily on top of your roof, roof rack, headache racks, or other roof-mounted assemblies
- Light bar housings include both pencil beam LEDs for far-reaching illumination and flood light LEDs that spread light over a greater width
- LEDs are stacked in 4 rows, and each LED is rated with a 3-watt output
- Total LED output ranges from 144 watts up to 180
- Total number of LEDs per unit ranges from 48 to 60
- Width measurements range from 12" to 14.6"
- Features built-in integral heat sink for improved cooling
- Polycarbonate lens cover is durable and resistant to the elements
- Die-cast aluminum housings are light weight and corrosion-free
- Stainless steel mounting brackets and hardware provide high strength and freedom from corrosion
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