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code p1441 does anyone know how to fix
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First mod I did to my truck. Never have to worry about those pumps or valves and the truck will never go into limp mode because of these valves.

If truck is still in warrenty, the dealer will fix the failed pumps or valves.
If your Tundra is an '07 to '10 you should have received a warranty enhancement letter from Toyota (enhancing the warranty on the AIP system to 150K/10y). Take it to your dealer for warranty repair.

Otherwise follow the instructions in the above referenced link.
I tried the other one from Radio Shack parts and couldn't get that to work. Now will try tundra solutions which costs more but I'm tired of going to and from limp mode because the one AIP pump won't pass.
Will have to do the by pass on TS. I replaced the pump and now I get code P2433 Secondary Air Pump pressure flow sensor high circuit bank 1. Not in limp mode but check engine light and all others flashing. This shit has gone ridiculous with these air pumps.
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Change II to mod III. Went today to wash truck. Yes check engine light on and the other two were on but no limp mode. Washed truck and decided since I had time washed engine. Well now all lights are out. So I have the foggiest idea what's going on.
Well they are back but no limp mode. Talk about ridiculous.
subscribed. I really feel bad for y'all with these codes.
Toyota needs to man up and cover these pumps regardless of mileage or age. The reason they fail is because water gets in and messes up the valves and/or the pumps. The reason the water gets in is becuase they left off 2 clamps that hold everything tight to keep the water out. It is a faulty design and most of us with '07 thru '10 Tundras will end up with this code popping up; hopefully before the extended warrantee is up.
Well tried to just disconnect both power leads to the pumps as suggested by someone and just the check engine light came on. After 5 recycles it went into limp mode yesterday. So today reconnected them so I would have to wait 5 cycles to see what happens. More than likely next payday will do the TS bypass. As much as I hate jerry rigging I will do it just to get past the codes.
Bad air injection pump

2010 Tundra 5.7 and CEL went on 2 days ago and went in limp mode. Called dealer and took it in and was air injection pumps and luckily covered by warranty. I only have 25000 miles. I asked if they could disconnect pumps as I hate the startup noise and he said no. should get it back tomorrow and they gave me a corolla.
Great Fred glad you were covered. I'm at 163,378 miles on my 07 CM Limited. When this crap started I was at 156k miles. I already went through Toyota care and just like my tranny issues I was paddling up a creek. I already went through the 5 cycles with the truck and still nothing. I'm sure it will show up tomorrow.
Any techs out there know what I have to change to get rid of code 2433? P2433 Secondary Air Pump pressure flow sensor high circuit bank 1. Not in limp mode but check engine light and all others flashing. Is this the maf going over the deep end?
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