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I have a 2012 Tundra DC 4x4....5.7L. Tow a 32' travel trailer from May to October. Some are weekend trips up to 2-3 hrs away. Other trips can involve driving 1000 miles each way....some long days.

Have heard I'd be much better off going to the Michelin MS2 tires - E load rating. Looks like, from all I can read and from those I talked to, the tires will fit on the stock rims I have (Base Model Truck).

Does anyone disagree with that?? Any issues??

CONCERN: Looks like the LT tires will run at 50psi up front and 55 psi in rear to simulate the ride of the P tires. When towing the psi can go up depending upon what kind of ride I'm getting.

Will the wheels support the higher psi? I don't want to spend $1100 on what are supposed to be great tires only to have the wheels fail on me.

Anyone have any advice??

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