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So i got CarPro's Hydro2 stuff on a whim when autogeek was having a sale. Seems highly rated, but i've never used a hydrophobic coating before. Has anyone had any experience?
CarPro Hydro2 Touchless Silica Sealant 1 Liter

My tundra is brand new and its going to get its first bucket wash this weekend. I'm thinking about just doing a regular wash/wax and maybe closer to winter trying the CarPro Hydro2.

Any advice for brand new paint care? I was looking at chemical guys jet seal or Extreme Top Coat Wax and Sealant in One, I'm not sure if i'll have time to spend 2 days wash seal and waxing it, but if that's the best thing to do i'm game (my truck wont fit in the garage, so it will be sitting in the driveway for the 24hr cure time).

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