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Calling American Hero’s! If you’re on the front lines putting your lives at risk to keep us safe, THANK YOU!

DirtyDeedsIndustries/BAmufflers is taking many precautions to stop the spread of Covid19. Only 1-2 people allowed to work in the shop at a time. Only 1 person at a time is allowed in the office. We are running separate shifts depending on the day. Keeping 6-10 feet distance between associates.

Unfortunately, not everybody has this luxury and their job is hazardous no matter how careful you are.

If you work in a hospital, ambulance, police, firefighter, or any branch of the military, THANK YOU!! While you are taking precautions to be safe, you are right there in harms way now more than ever. We would like to show our gratitude with a tremendous offer.

This group buy offer is the deepest discount EVER offered beyond our military only discount which we ONLY offer on Veterans Day.

Here’s the deal. (Please only the professionals listed above) Every single order of any of the systems listed (stainless steel only, standard budget, 6”, 8”, or 10” receive 20% off just for ordering. And if we hit 20+ orders between now and the end of April, receive an additional 20% off.

40% off total!! With flat rate $100 shipping anywhere in the lower48. (We can ship anywhere in the world, pricing based on shippjng method and address).

Please check out the systems on this page:

Stainless steel only: budget, 6”, 8”, or 10” systems only. Call for details. And to place your order. 760-877-4234

50% of normal price required as a deposit, then balance minus discount is due upon shipping of your exhaust system.
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