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My 04 access cab has been great, its paid off, only has 70k miles, so why upgrade?

Well my kids are growing and like to take friends with them on outings so I was looking for vehicle with more space, and more seats. I also wanted basic safety features (side curtain air bags, stability control) for trips into the snowy mountains, and advanced safety features (auto stop, lane warnings) for when my eldest starts learning to drive in a couple years.

I entertained the idea of an SUV, and got pretty close to buying, but knew I’d miss the utility of having a pickup along with a lot more towing margin (typical SUV with 5k lbs would barely cut it for boat plus people). Also noticed that many of the mid size 3 row SUVs only seat 6 comfortably, and full size SUVs are CRAZY expensive.

The clincher was when I realized the 18 Tundra could be had with a bench seat and still come standard with the advanced safety features. It didn’t hurt that I like the new SR5 grill (less chrome). I was hesitant because I bet the full redesign is coming in 19, but I’m tired of waiting. I looked into all the other brands and EVERY one of them deletes the front bench as soon as you add the advanced safety features. Also none of them offer rear seat AC vents (in combo with bench seat) which is highly appreciated by my kid cargo on CA summer days.

So my 2018 blazing blue SR5 crew max 4x4 is on order. Costco pricing is 700 over “invoice”. Only options are the better stereo and TRD off-road package, plus a few accessories. I was kinda pissed that I could not order the blind spot mirrors and parking sensors without getting the SR5 upgrade package, which... you guessed it... deletes the bench seat and adds buckets. I plan to make that a project someday.

Thanks for all the helpful info and pictures that helped me make up my mind.

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