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Bushwacker fender flares?

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Well guys im looking at putting bushwacker pocket fender flares on my black 2011 tundra. Because my new tires are going to stick out about 2 inches past the fenders. My only concern is with the salt and snow and when I switch over to my winter tires it will look stupid? Any help or suggestions would be greatly appreciated
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Look at my build log in my sig. I have a picture of the pocket flares with the stock wheels and tires before I went up. It looks a odd but you'll be ok. Could always buy a different set of wheels!
Wheel spacers that sounds like a decent option hmm how much will those run me?
pM me for bushwacker pricing.

very good idea. new wheels this could work out in my favor lol.
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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