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A thread for Bully Dog GT T+ Tuner specifics. I'll update this post as more info is released. For pricing and ordering, look elsewhere :)

Bully Dog's Technical Support phone number: (940) 783-9915

Keith Carty's (dirtydeeds) real world testing, reporting, and discussion thread

BD User Manual/Instructions
BD Data Logging Software
BD Install Instruction Sheet Front
BD Install Instruction Sheet Back
BD Dyno Charts

BD Update Agent (Latest)
BD Update Agent User Manual
BD GT T+ Product Info Sheet
BD GT T+ SD Card OEM Content

The instructions lie. Your SD card inserts this way

Windows users, the instructions for the Update Agent state it is compatible with Windows Vista, Xp, 2000 or nt. It does not say Windows 7 (32/64 bit)
I have confirmed it works out of the box, no drivers needed for the following:
Windows XP 32bit (99% of XP users)
Windows 7 32 bit
Windows 7 64 bit
Windows 8 32 bit
Windows 8 64 bit

Mac users, your update process is to download the sd card files and extract them to the sd card and then insert the sd card into the tuner. There is an update .exe in the zip you can try to use but if it doesn't work, go into the "copy" folder and just copy the contents onto the root of the sd card, overwriting what's already there.
Update file:

Is this a true tuner or a piggyback?
It is a true programmer/tuner

Has the s/c tune been released yet?
YES IT HAS! 9/17/13

Can I run a custom tune?
Not at this time

If I am n/a and I add the s/c myself, do I still need the TRD tune?
Yes you still need a trip to the dealer to get the TRD s/c tune to be your default tune

It is mandatory I hook up a battery charger/tender while I perform the tune?
Your battery voltage must be 12.1 or higher to begin the tuning process. If it drops below that the tune will pause until voltage is restored. It is HIGHLY recommended you turn off all lights etc that may consume power and hook up a battery charger/tender to prevent the interruption of the tune write.

Will the GT T+ disable the "nannies" for me so I can stop pushing the damn button?
No not for you. But for the rest of us, go to Menu > Special functions > Traction control. This will disable traction control COMPLETELY...not just to the levels we can with the vsc button! You will need to use the tuner to turn them back on. Returns to stock upon restart.

How many gauges can I use at once
4 mini and one major. Major is based on selected mini.

If I hard wire the GT T+ to an ignition only source, do I have to turn the key/batt switch on the adapter to "BATT" when I am installing/uninstalling tunes?
YES!!! The tune cycle requires key on/off sequences. If you are not on the batt setting on the adapter, the key off sequence will turn off power to the tuner mid install!

Will the GT T+ monitor AFR/Boost levels?
Yes. However, you will need the additional docking station and accessories to display that information on the GT T+.

Must I permanently install the GT T+ display unit?
No. You can hook up the unit, install tune/options and disconnect it.

Can I update the GT T+ directly via USB?
Sometimes there is an issue with some files downloading improperly when you update the SD card contents while it's in the tuner. It's recommended to update via the included USB drive.

Can I use my GT T+ on multiple vehicles?
Yes but not at the same time. You MUST restore your factory tune before using the GT T+ on another vehicle.

I am trying to update my tuner version but the GT T+ isn't listed in the Update Agent
If the GT T+ isn't listed in the UA, they pulled it temporarily. This means another update is coming shortly and they want to ensure you have the latest. Try again in a little while.

How do I switch between Day/Night mode?
Turning your lights on/off should automatically switch to day/night. Alternatively, pressing the bottom right button will switch the display to your night mode preferences. The top right button switches to daytime preferences.

How do I load a tune or switch between A, B, C tunes?
Menu > Install Download > Follow on screen commands until you get to select "Continue with Selected Tuning". After you click this you are going to be able to select between Tune A, Tune B, and Tune C, or Stock (this stock is 100% Toyota Stock). To switch between different stored tunes, you do not need to return to stock first, just repeat this process and select a different tune.

How do I check my software version?
Menu > Show Settings > Software: (version displays here)

If I have a supercharger, do I need to have the TRD flash prior to using the GT T+?
Yes you do. When up setup your tunes the T+ will detect if youe have the TRD flash stock flash or not. If you do, you will then be given options for the s/c tune. If it is not detected, you will only get options for n/a.

Can I do a Zero Point Calibration (ZPC) with the GT T+?
Yes you can. Go to Menu > Special Functions > ABS Zero Point Cal.

Can I reset the values learned by the electronic transmission?
Yes you can. Go to Menu > Special Functions > ECT ECU Reset

Will the GT T+ make me a sammich?
Yes but rye and pumpernickel breads are not supported.


Initial Release A019
Fixed Freezing Monitoring Screen, seen in some vehicles.
Minor Fix for Recovery Mode (for internal use only). A020
Added Tundra S/C Support
Added ABS Zero Point Calibration
Added ECT ECU Reset A022
N/A Updates only

Original Release

Added Tundra S/C Support
Fix P0101 seen in some vehicles.

T05 - 10/3/13
Throttle Sensivity
• Performance: This setting will make the throttle more sensitive than stock.
• Economy: This setting will cause the throttle to not have the big jump like it normally does in stock. Pedal will be smooth all the way through.
• Stock: This setting will leave the throttle pedal alone.

Shift Points Update
• There is an update for the performance shift points. This is the fix for those who were having "shift lag" between 1-2

T06 - 10/21/13
New Tuning Option
• Trail Tune (Note: Trail Tune is perfectly safe for every day driving, and it is designed with trail, as well as street driving in mind.)

New Throttle Option
• Trail Throttle: Trail Throttle is built to coincide with the Trail Tune. Throttle will be extra soft through the first half of the pedal, and then climb to full throttle faster as the pedal is pushed to WOT.

Throttle Sensitivity
• Economy Throttle: Economy Throttle has been updated to be a little softer than originally created due to feedback received. This will smooth it out even more-so than originally, improving the overall driveability of the truck.

Adjust speedometer on the vehicle, not just the GT T+ display
Factory remote start kills the engine when you open the door, requiring a re-start. Bypass the re-start.
Set/Program TPS and/or display which tire is low rather than a flashing dash light

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Great idea. Sub'd
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Just downloaded agent to windows 8 it tries to block the app but you can bypass it being blocked. I will try downloading software when my bd tuner arrives today and report back. Worse comes to worse I will do the update on my win 7 desktop tonight and I am wondering since everything is saved on SD card why couldn't you get another SD card to tune another truck

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FWIW, updater DL works on Chrome on win7... The popup is normal to any program that is not verified.



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Vendor #?
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Great BD Thread /Sticky Marc..:D

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FWIW, Factory installed/OEM remote start still works.

Maybe they (BD) can make it so the damned thing doesn't turn off when you unlock the doors.
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