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BullMtn Jim PNW Oregon

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I'm new to Tundra Talk. I'm looking at a 2017 RWD. truck w/35k miles. Looks super clean but it's had 2 owners. From what I've read on youtube, they don't recommend buying a used truck that's had 2 or more owners. Any thoughts on this matter?
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Hi Jim. Welcome to Tundra Talk. I'm also new to this site, (and not too far from Bull Mt. either). The fact that the vehicle has had 2 owners isn't near as much of a concern as the condition of the truck, unless you're considering reselling it in the near future, (in which case it could theoretically reduce the resale value by a small margin). I'm guessing a '17 with 35k miles has probably had a pretty easy life thus far, so if everything checks out mechanically and you're able to get it at a favorable price, I don't see any downside. I also have a '17, and I spent a ridiculous amount of time researching before finally buying it about a year ago.
Welcome to the site, enjoy the ride.
It is hard to know why a vehicle has had two owner in so few years/miles. Maybe they are not Toyota truck people. If the truck looks great from all angles including after crawling underneath this would be my thought. Many people make whimsical decisions and change vehicles as often as they change under wear. Some get a wild hair and buy a truck. Then they vote for Joe and the fuel prices double so they trade in the truck and get a EV. Or someone told them that Toyota's are not real trucks and their ego was hurt so they went and purchased a sub par truck like a Ram or Jeep.

If you have a scan tool (if you do not buy an inexpensive one) hook it up and see if there are any codes, permanent codes can not be erased. So as I say two owners could be nothing do your home work and sometime you have to roll the dice with as much information as you can get. Get the VIN number off of it (bottom of drivers side windshield) as some online sources can provide a lot of previous owner information and any damage that has been reported.
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