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Bluetooth issues

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I have a 2013 with the bluetooth radio. The other day i went to make a phone call through it and the person on the other end could barley hear me, yesterday i had to turn on the bluetooth through the set up on the radio for my phone to connect to it. now to day on my way home the bluetooth couldnt even hear me, could not even give it a command.
Has any body had similar issues with there bluetooth? I really hope its a simple fix as I hate to take the truck in:mad:
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hmm have you tried consulting your user manual. I'd check fir you, but its pissing rain out side
Could it be something with the mic?
I just got back from the dealer and of course it works just fine they said i would have to leave it with them if it continues. At first I thought it was the mic but one of the times the truck turned the bluetooth off some how so I dont know. I love the feature and didnt want to up grade but maybe I should. anybody know of a good replacement dvd/nav that will work with the bluetooth?
I'm having the Alpine INE-S920HD installed on Saturday.
I'm having the Alpine INE-S920HD installed on Saturday.
let me know how you like it and how the bluetooth works with it
my stock bluetooth has NEVER worked properly at all. cannot understand me. will not connect on a consistent basis. etc.
im going for one of these advent headunits soon.
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