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I know it's a little old.. But..

I have their 3in level kit on my truck at the moment. Had an issue with one shock shortly after install. Shock failed on a vacation and had to drive about 7 miles on a truck that was tilting to the right hoping I didn't damage anything (1 am, 3 kids in the car, 10 minutes away from hotel)

Called the shop and explained what happened, he then called the Bilstein rep, apparently I was the first person either of them had that has had a product fail in the 10+ years they've been in the business.

Long story short, I dropped the truck off at a Toyota dealership that was luckily 2 miles from my hotel. Coordinated with the shop and rep. Bilstein had it overnighted, and Toyota installed it the day it came in.

Great customer service and product that they stand behind, if you have any issues they will be there to help you out. I'd recommend them everytime and buying a bigger lift from them shortly.
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