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I am getting the pieces together for an all out RGB led set-up. I'll be keeping the red leds I currently have hooked into my door/dome circuit but I'm adding RGB led halos and strips everywhere. It's a huge hobby for me, so much that I've actually considered turning it into a business. I have plenty of led strip of any color but I want to do a project that will show off what I can do. By plenty I mean like several hundred feet lol.

I was wondering if AAC gave any sort of discount for forums or anything better than the "FBFAN10" they give for FB fans. I remember on Camaro5 they gave members a better price break than normal. I need the ColorShift 2.0's for headlights and foglights.

I'm up in the air on doing projectors because they only place I've seen to get them is TRS and I'm not quite sure what all I'll need.

Here's my idea on the project though (All RGB):
Headlight Halos
Foglight Halos
Knight Rider style scanner in grille slot
24" strip behind grille
36"-48" strip along both framerails
18" strip under front bumper
36" strip along rear bumper
12" strip footwells
36" strip under rear seat
36" strip in front of headliner
2x 10w RGB pods mounted somewhere (maybe on the rear bumper?)

These will all be synced to the same controller and connected to some sort of switch plate or maybe just a few switches. I really only want to have the ability to turn on just the Halos and grille lighting separately from the others so I'll link the power wires for them to a different toggle switch and have everything else ran to another switch.

I've also got 2 10w Pure White pods I'll be mounting for reverse lights. I'm waiting on the 4pin wire to arrive before I get after it. It will be annoying as hell to wire this but the final project will be awesome if you like leds.
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