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I have had 3 Tundras since 2007.

My 14 with 29000 miles out of the blue it started to make a screeching noise upon start up.

Sounded like it was from the right front of the truck, Upon looking I figured it was an alternator bearing or a power steering pump. I stethoscope'd both... nada
Then I took a long wood dowel and while the engine was running pressed it to the tensioner pulley. noise went away.

There are YouTube videos on how to remove it so I won't go into details. I was able to just remove the bolt (LEFT HAND THREAD) and saw the "made in China" bearing was leaking and loose.

The part number on it is a 6203.... Napa replacement is an SKF 6203 RS which is sealed. $13.50 including tax.
I pressed the old off and the new one on and I was good to go. About 45 minutes.

BTW, I called dealer, not covered on the drive-train warranty and would have been $96 for the part, and $145 for labor so right about $240. After market ones are about 1/2

Easy job saved some serious jingle!
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