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Want to know what the differences between a BedRug and a BedTred Bed Liner are? Check out our video and find out!

Why Choose A BedRug Bed Liner?
The BedRug Bed Liner protects your truck bed and provides and ultra tough work surface. BedRug is made of polypropylene plastic, which looks and feels like carpet but will hold up to bleach, oil, even battery acid and will not mildew. The BedRug's carpet color goes all the way through the fiber, it is not a dye that can be wiped off, worn away or fade. Under the fiber surface lies a 3/4" thick closed cell foam floor similar to that used in a life vest and will not absorb water. Water runs off of the fiber surface, and/or through the non-corrosive zinc alloy zipper and out of the truck bed drain holes. It is also easy to maintain, you can simply vacuum or hose out the remains of whatever you have carried or spilled. The BedRug Bed Liner is designed to act as a shock absorber, it’s soft to the touch ,easy on the knees and protects the bed from any impact damage. The carpet-like texture also prevents cargo from sliding or shifting during transport. The tailgate section is connected to the BedRug and constructed of the same material. The hinge prevents an opening between the truck bed and the tailgate, so that it does not lift up when sliding large or heavy cargo into the bed. BedRug is custom formed to fit the contour and shape of your bed for a snug, tight fit. It also retains full access to any factory tie-downs that your truck may come with.​

Why Choose A BedTred Bed Liner?
The BedTred Bed Liner was designed to compete with traditional spray in bed liners. You get the look of a spray in bedliner without damaging the finish of your truck bed. Bedtred has a textured anti-skid surface that is also UV resistant! The Bedtred is made of 5-peices that installs with hook and loop fasteners. There is no drilling, sanding or prepping involved and it will not damage your truck bed if removed. BedTred is made of 1/4" TPO composite bonded to a layer of the same water-proof, closed cell foam that is used with the BedRug. The textured surface prevents cargo from sliding, while the thick foam and non-woven fiber backing prevents damage and will not scratch your truck bed. The BedTred is custom formed to maintain the original shape and features of your truck bed, and full access to any factory tie-downs. BedTred offers a lifetime warranty, dent & cargo protection and a quick and easy install!​

Why Choose a Spray-In Bed Liner?
Spray-In Bed Liners are specifically known for the strength and durability. A quality spray-in liner must be applied by a profossional who will tape off the edges of your truck bed and cab, then spray on the liner. Most spray-in liners are made from a combination of polyurethanes and epoxies which create a permanent, watertight bond between the lining and the truck bed, providing protection against rust and corrosion. Spray-in bed liners are mostly known for their anti-scuff/scratch or dent properties. The only downside of a spray-in liner is that it is a permanent fixture of your truck bed. This can be a difficult area if you have a lease vehicle that you cannot modify or needs to be returned back to stock, which is where the BedTred Bed Liner comes in as a great substitution!

Why Choose a Plastic Drop-In Bed Liner?
Plastic Drop-In liners are what you typically see in a vehicle straight from the factory if equipped with a bed liner. A plastic bed liner is durable and protects your truck bed from getting gouged or dented from hauling large items, however a plastic liner may create its own scratches or rub through the paint in your bed over time. Most plastic liners have stake pocket holes but can still prove to be a difficult task to perform since the stakes generally sit inside a small opening in the plastic covers, which can be hard to reach. Two of the most commonly known negative points of a plastic liner is that it can trap water/moisture between the liner and the bed, which may lead to rusting and it can be hard on your knees if you need to crawl into your bed.
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