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Hi All,

I went on a trip 5 hours away from home over the weekend where it turns out I lost a lug nut on the front right wheel. Toyota recently did an oil change / tire rotation and I suspect the lug nut was not torqued. It would vibrate like a wheel was out of balance, coming and going shaking. I couldn't find a replacement in that town, on short notice from advance auto, napa etc. I am back home now and would like to go ahead and replace them all anyways as the chrome coating is coming off and some rust showing. (14 DC SR5)

1. I have heard that the studs of the other 4 may have been affected "stretched". I would rather check my self than take it back to the dealership whom I suspect may not even check at all. Anyone have any advice on the above or on how to check them?

2. These are the wheels I have:

Would these work:

Will these lugs work or anyone have any recommendations. Thanks!
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