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Standard Budget System arrived 5/15/19 a day early.
I installed the system 5/16/19 after work in the parking lot.
No ramps, stands or jacks.
My Tundra is not lifted, it’s stock.
Tools required 12mm & 14mm socket, ratchet, drill, 2” hole saw, almost forgot
WD40 & a claw hammer.
Install was so easy.
The exhaust system was a Perfect fit, start to finish it took 75 minutes to install.
Hardest part for me, and most time consuming part was drilling the 2” hole for the Helmholtz resonator.
I was worried that it might be just a bit too loud, not for me but for my neighbors,
I leave the house 05:00 every morning.
Cold start is just perfect, you Hardly notice the difference from the stock system, not loud at all.
That is until you stomp on the gas, and then you get that great big grin on you face.
Absolutely NO Drone.
Big Thanks to Keith & his lads at Dirty Deeds.
Thanks for taking the time to educate me on the different systems.
I’m another Really happy customer.
If your on the fence, go for it, you won’t be sorry.
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