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Backup Camera Video Issue

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Hello All,

I just completed an install with an aftermarket camera and the OEM nav unit. There is only one little issue with this. The video is black and white on the screen. I am not sure what the cause is. I am using an RCA coupler on the wire run from the camera, so I thought it was that, but I just replaced with a new one and it is still black and white. The RCA is terminated behind the glovebox into two wire stands that go into the back of the 24 pin mic connector on the Nav unit. I am not a video or signal expert, but my only thought is maybe the two sire strands are susceptible to interference? If that is the case, what are my options to fixing it? What are some other things to consider in this install?

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So your stock nav did not come with a camera?

Most cameras revert to b&W in low light, I assume you have tried in daylight.
Well I added the navigation myself. The truck did not come with neither the nav nor the camera. I have tried in both daylight and night time. It is the same in both. I've tried the camera plugged into my wife's car (just the video signal, the cam was still on my truck) and she is able to see it in color. So I know the signal from the camera is good until in gets to the area where I terminate into the nav unit. This is where I am not sure if due to shielding issues or other reasons it loses the color.

I have some notes that say the video input + is red and the video input neg. is gray.

The factory cam runs on 6V, I'm wondering if because of that its output is also lower? Could be causing an issue with the OE radio....???

Although I've done installs with a new HU and factory cam and it works just fine.
Yeah, the 6 volts was not enough to power my cam. So I ended up powering it with a 12v source. I'm wondering if I accidentally wired the +ve to the -ve and vice versa. Would that cause this type of problem?
Red = Center of coax (V+)
Grey = Shield of coax (V-)

Got a small TV or monitor with an RCA input? Plug your camera into the TV and see what shows. That will at least tell you if the camera is the problem or not. Maybe you have a B&W camera.
Sorry to high jack this tread but i need similar help.
do you guys know witch is the plug on the back of the JBL navigation unit that carries the V+ & v- signal from the unit to the camera and also the one the powers up the camera when in reverse?. Thanks a lot

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Yeah. It's pin 22 (+ve) and 23 (-ve). The reverse and speed signal are on another plug that you need to get. I think it is the K6 connector. Pin 3 is the speed signal. I think pin 5 was reverse on it.

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Thanks I will be looking into finding those pins. Any idea what color plugs on the unit these would be?

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It is a white plug. Has 24 pins. See photo.


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