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Back In the Game!

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Just like another person that recently just rejoined, I'm a returning user, but since I no longer have my previous email, I had to create a new user name.
Previously I was abgiles, now I have to show how old I am. I've reached out to the admins to see if there's a chance they can restore it (well, I'm trying, but I have to post a few things first).

Formerly had a 2007 CrewMax TRD/XSP package that I absolutely loved, did a few mods to (remember painting your headlights to match?) and regretted selling when I saw the chance to make a quick buck (sold it for a lot more than I thought it was worth), but recently (meaning today) I acquired a 2022 CrewMax Limited. I've been doing some research on them for a while, but wasn't able to pull the trigger until the right deal fell into my lap. I'm currently working in Texas, and although trucks are quite the commodity here, the availability makes them about 7% cheaper than my area of Jacksonville, FL. I finally found what I thought was a killer deal in today's market, and went for it.

Can't wait to get started. Already ordered a few goodies for the truck, so at some point I guess I should let the wife know I bought it, as she may ask questions when the parts start arriving.
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Welcome back, enjoy the ride.
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