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Greetings! I'm a returning Tundra owner and Toyota truck owner for the third time (my first Toyota was a Tacoma...too small).

I had a 2009 Tundra extended cab I bought new. After 3 years, and many near misses I realized I couldn't see well enough out of the back to be safe, at least in my own mind. Despite driving trucks most of my adult life I traded for a cross over SUV thing. It took me a year to admit I just didn't fit in it. I went on the hunt and looked at a lot of trucks, in person and on-line. Quality, dependability and performance brought me back to Toyota. Interior room (I have a serious disability) led me back to a Tundra. To see better I wanted a standard cab. For ease of parking and visibility I wanted a short bed.

What I eventually found is a 2008 SR5 2WD, SB, SC with the 5.7L. (smile)

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