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Tundras to Sedona - April 16-19, 2015

Some of us have threatened to get together in the Spring for a few days in Sedona for campin', wheelin' and hangin' out.

I started putting together a picture of a map, and realized we should include way more than just the SoCal and AZ Tundras!

So take a look at this map, and if your house is on it, plan to join us for a few days in Sedona this coming Spring.


April 16-19

We will go Thursday the 16th of April to Sunday the 19th.

April is the busiest month for tourists in Sedona. Camping will be hard to get unless you show up Thursday or early Friday.


This will be a primitive camping trip - hotels are nearby and it looks like several people will be staying in them instead of camping.

Final location has been determined and the roads are open!

FR 644 -- 34°44'47.78"N, 111°32'47.55"W -- -- south of stoneman lake.

I and a few others will be going up on Wednesday, so we'll grab what spaces we can without pissing off the forest service, and post in here/ hang signs/ leave a trail of breadcrumbs/ shoot flares/ whatever...

**** Update 04/13/2015 ****

Take I17 to Exit 306 Stoneman Lake Rd (Forest Road 213) and head East (the only direction the road actually goes)
Stay on Stoneman Lake road until it becomes a dirt road and you come to a T intersection
Turn right at the T and drive on that dirt road for about a mile and a half to the first right turn before the building on the right
Stay on this road for about a mile to the campsite.
I'll have banners or lights or something to clearly mark it

If you're arriving after dark, let me know and I'll glow stick a few good spots to camp.


There are two locations the Forest Service recommends, but you're certainly not limited to these areas. Be familiar with BLM rules posted in the link below, use common sense, and have fun.

This is a cinder pit that is relatively near the campsite so easy access, but still far enough away for the comfort factor. BUT it is a multi-use site and may be occupied by OHV, in which case, no shooting.

34.762847, -111.542239

The other is more in Sedona near the Seven Canyons area of Boynton Pass Road

34.897568, -111.827923

BLM guidelines and rules are here:


Everyone who goes will need to purchase a Red Rock Pass (Purchase link in upper right corner of that page). They are also available to purchase in Sedona at most grocery and convenience stores as well as the visitor center and there are also automated machines at most major trail heads that take cash or card.

They're cheap, but allow us to drive off road on the rocks.

$5 for a day
$15 for a week
$20 for a year


Thanks for the recommendations @osidepunker

CB 33 primary and 37 as backup

VHF 147.420 as primary and 147.520 as backup (these are simplex channels, I don't see the need for repeaters)


I'm working with several vendors to offer raffle prizes and discounts on merchandise.

Proceeds will go to He Provides, a local charity in Gilbert, AZ that does equine assisted therapy for kids with behavior issues.

Raffle tickets can be pre-purchased through the He Provides Contribute page at Contribute by putting a note in the special instructions at the end of the transaction: "Tundra Tickets"

$5 - 1 ticket
$20 - 5 tickets
$40 - 12 tickets
$100 - 40 tickets

Confirmed Vendors contributing to the raffle:

Dirty Deeds
MCM Fabrication
Sparks TRD
Diode Dynamics
Demello Offroad
Discount Tire
Molon Labe Tactical
Rigid Industries
Toyota of Escondido


I'm ordering T-Shirts and the proceeds from them will also go to the charity. @dirtydeeds stepped up and helped with design time and covered a large portion of the cost to print these.

You can also pre-order these from the He Provides contribute page Contribute and put a note in the special instructions indicating the number and size of shirts you want.

$15 for M, L, XL
$20 for XXL

Spread the word and lets hang out together!


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I love this idea. Defiantly depends on the date.

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Sounds fun, I'm down. Keep us posted of the date. The wife and I love it out there... Guess I better get the RTT on this winter👹

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Yes finally a trip I can go on! I can probably take a 3 day off of work so friday sat and half of sunday. Now time to start buying recovery gear =)

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I am so down for this trip! I have missed all the good runs this year so I got a lot of making up to do next year

i just checked.. thats an 8 hour drive from where i'm at...

Dragos you better put your big girl panties on and make this one!

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Any way to make a poll in the OP for dates so we can all get a better feel for when this may happen?
I'm having trouble editing my original post from the office. I'm going to make an update from my phone to add everyone to the original post, and tonight I'll see if I can add a poll - although I don't think I can add one to a thread that has already been started.

In the meantime, just post what weekend works best for yourselves, and I'll manually tally them up in the OP.

I'm thinking Thursday - Sunday, and since we're going to be in pretty much one place, with day trips out to the trails, then people can arrive and leave on whatever days they want, and hook up with the larger group when it's a convenient time. This way, for people who make a long drive, they get enough trail time to make it worthwhile - I'm lookin at you @Dragos28... ;)

Everything I say is open to suggestion too, guys. So if you have an idea, throw it out there and let's get this going!

You wanna make it a week long?
You wanna stay in a hotel instead of camping?
You wanna go on crazy hard trails?
You wanna stick to the 2wd trails?
You wanna make me shutup already?

It's all up to you, so speak up!

With enough attendees, we could probably split one or two days into two 'classes' of offroading - one group can go apeshit on the hardcore stuff, and the other group can cruise the scenic trails. Or we don't even have to be that organized - everyone can do their own thing, and we'll just all be nearby.

I'm happy to organize this, I just want to make sure I'm organizing what everyone wants. :D

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The weekend doesn't matter to me because I won't know if I can go till my baseball schedule is out in a couple of months. I can pretty much take any time off when needed. I will be camping and can do any of the trails hard or scenic. Only about a 6hr drive for me but been wanting to go to Sedona for some time but just haven't made it down there for some reason. I am good with any trail the Tundra can fit down.

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guess I have an excuse to get an RTT now.
im down for an extended weekend trip. maybe Thursday-sunday.
dates don't really mater. I can request what ever days off if I have enough notice.
im coo with a mix of scenic and technical trials. maybe even a little mtb action too.

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This sounds awesome... Would love to be a part of some of these gatherings.
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