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2013 RW want too install a car stereo in my race trailer. All power is killed at the 7 pin harness when key is shut off.How can i keep live power there all the time or do i have to install a batt in trailer. If a batt is needed, which wire or leg will charge bat when engine is running.
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Definitely put in a battery or two (deep cycle) in the trailer depending on how much you are using the radio. You don't want to run off the truck battery and have a dead battery when it's time to go home. And I would do a 110v trickle charger on the trailer batteries. Plug it in a day before going to the races to top off the batteries, use the batteries all day. Then charge them back up when you get home.

If you really must charge it from the truck, then look on the inside of the 7-pin plug cover and the pins should be marked.


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