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For people who need to be on the roads, making sure your tires are properly inflated will not only save you money at the pump, allow the tires to perform properly in the rain, but will also aid in proper wear.

  • Fuel Efficiency - For every 1 PSI drop in tire pressure the US Department of Energy estimates a loss of .4% in fuel efficiency. Although this may not seem like much, over time it can add up.

  • Wet Performance – When a tire is under inflated the contact patch won't be evenly distributed on the road surface. This restricts the treads ability to displace water properly and can cause hydroplaning.

  • Wear – Improper tire inflation can cause irregular treadwear and potentially damage, resulting in reduced life and early replacement.

Want to learn more? Follow the link below to discover tire pressure related topics and how inflation pressure can change under different environments.

How can Discount Tire help?

We want to make sure your tires are safe! In that spirit we offer FREE air checks and tire inspections. This can all be done while you remain comfortably in your vehicle. Right now, most of our store locations are open, and we have taken extra precautions to keep you and our staff safe.

If you are unable to make it down to a store, please feel free to reach out to us through Private Message if you have any questions - we're here to help!
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