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I had some questions on the above and wanted to see if anyone had any pictures of each, particularly the front 2 corners.

A little history, I purchased an ARE LSX. I had it installed last Friday, but before that, it had come in a week before that, but was damaged, and had to go back to be repainted. On Sunday, I was washing truck, doing a few things with it, and when I went to close the cover, it would not latch, so I had to adjust the thumbwheels to lower the cover itself some in the back. I then started looking at everything, and saw that in one spot, it was rubbing some paint already, after barely driving it. Because I knew I would not get back to the dealer until probably Wednesday, I adjusted it some myself, to get it away from the paint.

The cover is out of square, no matter what I do. The problem is most likely being caused by the scissor hinges in the front, the brackets that are attached to the underside of the lid, are mounted in different locations, they are about an inch away from each other relative to the front and back of the lid/rail system. so, it is basically causing the cover to twist. My right front corner is further away from the bed side than the left front is, and the right rear is closer to the bed side than the left rear. It is the left scissor hinge that is further forward, which would make sense for the “twist” that is occuring.

I took it to the dealer to be adjusted some last night, Wednesday, as stated above, and they adjusted it some, but it is still out of square measuring in the same spot on each side front and back. Also, after driving home, the tonneau did not open as smoothly as I would like, I am not sure if that is how the dealer left it, or if that shifted/moved some, like it did on Sunday from above, I will be driving it some more today, and see how the cover opens and closes once I am home.

I mainly want to see pictures of the front corners of the LSII, as if this has shifted again, I may be done with this cover, but I really like the fiberglass covers, and the LSII seems much more straight forward, and like it may fit better, in certain ways, or at least with the dealers I have to work with. Local to me, no one has much experience with the LSX. The LSX is highly adjustable, but that also means those adjustments need to be right. I have briefly looked at other brands, but the fit does not seem to be as good as ARE. The LSX as it sits right now, does not look bad, but if it keeps shifting etc, which I have read online, I do not want to deal with that, particularly when they cost a good amount of money.

So, I wanted to see if anyone else had any experiences like this or anything?

Thanks in advance
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