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I purchased an Aquatune system for my 2013 Toyata Tundra 5.7 about 2 months ago..I installed it and bottom line it is a total scam..........I spent quite a bit of time with their tec on the phone .........I think he is the company..........I drove about 1500 miles with the unit installed on my truck...constantly tweaking it according to them on the phone. The net end result is that I actually lost about 2 miles per gallon........and wound up with soot in my exhaust pipe.........

A friend of mine put one on his Ford Explorer and it did not work for him at all either.

The piece of equipment is nothing but a toy dressed up like its real.


Here are the hard the research yourself and check me out

1. You cannot get 2.5L of hydrogen out of this toy with 1.5 amps. Real HHO hydrogen generators you can by on the market that use 30 amps can almost do that.
2. They say that the unit has water molecules hitting a tuning fork at 1200 fps in the unit.........even superman could not do that using a vacuum. You might get 1 to 2 feet per second.
3. You cannot separate hydrogen and oxygen by cracking it with a tuning fork..........violation of every law of science.
4. They allude to the water injection system used on airplanes in WWII.....not even the same application........those were water injections systems under pressure and used to cool the engine when throttle was fully open to get a boost ...........Their system operates off a vacuum....when the throttle is fully open vacuum falls to 0 just at the time you would need the boost.........
5. Now lets talk about the tundra.........My application is the number two picture from Texas in their set of pictures of actual installations (which remember totally did nothing but make me loose mileage) .........The computer on every vehicle after 1996 has a computer that senses the 02 emission at the end of the exhaust pipe.........when you inject water the 02 soars and the sensor sends a message to the computer that the mixture is too lean and dumps more fuel into the turn the catalytic converters try to burn most of the gas but fails and you have soot........if tested the truck would fail an emissions test.
6. The new Toyota Tundra has what is called a learning computer and takes about 20,000 miles to learn you driving goes nuts when you dump water into the engine.........and you will lose mileage.
7. AquaTune knows these units do not work but they do not care. If you return the unit they charge you a restocking fee of at least 15%. Guess what they just made a sale..........the unit is a toy.........nothing in the unit can do anything but dribble water into the engine by means of a vacuum, there sure is not hydrogen being produced. The unit maybe cost about $50 dollars to make and dress up and when you return it they made $100 dollars ........... $700.00 is outrageous for a facade.
8. One final point they will tell you the brown accumulation in the tube going into the engine is Brown's gas or Hydrogen..........fanciful is rust coming off the supposed iron tuning fork in the magic black tube in front of the device.

So bottom line. I bought and tried it for 1500 miles and returned it because it did nothing but make me lose mileage. I have been bit...........I don't see how they stay in far as the other people at different web sites state it simply a placebo affect.....imaginary or there is a certain percentage of people that are too embarrassed to admit they were scammed. Also I am sure many of these people follow the company's advice to get a good tune up before putting the unit on and it is actually the tuneup that makes the difference in the mileage.

It may be possible for these units to assist an ailing vehicle older than 1996 that had less computer input into motor function than today. But I don't know how.

Let me know what you think..........always open to new stuff..........been a mechanic and science nut for 50 years.........this is not my first rodeo.
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