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Anyone With 35" Falkens?

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Wheels (XD Monster 18x9, 18 offset) are sitting in the garage, and I've narrowed my tire choices down to 295/70 Terra Grapplers or Falken Wildpeaks/Rocky Mountains in the 305/65r18 or 35x12.5x18 size. I'm leveled with the OME 612s.

The information I need is, will the 35x12.5x18 Falken's fit with a leveling kit? I'm not interested in most 35s because I want a little room for articulation in my wheel wells, but Falken's official specs list that tire at 34.4" tall, which is the SAME diameter as the 295/70r18 Terra Grapplers, which Nitto says officially measures at 34.41, which is a bit shorter than the same size in trail grapplers.

The Falkens are listed at 13.1" wide though, which is a bit wide for a 12.5" branded tire... anybody running these tires (or even the 20" 35s) and could tell me if they will fit with a leveling kit?
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Thanks Bad Dad, I'm hoping the 305s fill enough wheel well, we'll see I guess. Lol, I've seen that guy having issues with the 295/70s not being a 35 inch tire... Well he should compare the actual height to tires that have "35" stamped in them, because they're mostly 34.5 IRL.

Some pictures of the Falkens look narrower on the tread, so I might try the 35s on at the shop just to see if they are 12 or less up on the tread where it would get close to the body mount. Wishing I would have gotten the 35 offset lately...
If you go with the 305/65R18, I think they'll fit with the leveling kit. The 305's are 33"H and about 11.75" wide sidewall to sidewall. They might be a bit wider on a 9" rim. The 35x12.5's are actually 34.25" H and a little over 12" wide on an 8" rim, so they'll also be a bit wider on a 9" rim. I had a set of both sizes at the shop yesterday mounted on stock TRD wheels and mounted on the truck. I went back and forth for 30 minutes trying to decide which one was best for me. I put a 3.5" spindle lift on so clearance was not a problem, but it was close with the 35's at the body mount. Any vertical movement while turning the wheel might result in some rubbing. So I think the 35's with a leveling kit will definatley have some rubbing issues. If I had a higher lift, I might have gone with the 35's. But I went with the 305's and they still look good and fill out the wheel well nicely. The 35's are only about 1.5 inches taller than the 305's and after they're on the truck, both tires look pretty much the same in width. I think you'll be happy with the 305's if you choose them and won't have any issues with rubbing except maybe the skid plate if you have one. Another thing I found out is both the 305/65 and 35x12.5 WILL fit on the stock 8" TRD rim without any problems. The MFG says a min rim width is 8.5 for both tires, but they will fit and shouldn't have any problems with the correct tire pressure. Also, with your offset, the wheels will stick out of the wheel well, so be prepared for that. Hope this helps. I'll try to post pics soon!
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Forgot to mention the Wildpeak's look awsome up close and in person. Pictures don't do it justice!
I have the 305 65r18 Falkens. They are just short of 34 inches tall. I rubbed on the skid and I rub on full lock in reverse now. I have only a 2.5 level on the front. I love the tires and yes, they look VERY nice in person. Maybe this will help you...

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Thanks everybody - I just picked up the 305/65r18s yesterday! And you're right, they look great in person, even better than they look online.

I did try the 35s just for fun, and there is no way they'd work with my +18 offset, but if you had a full 3" and something like a +35 offset, you could probably make them work. I looked at the 35s next to the 325/65r18 size, and the 325s are quite a bit wider, the 35s are a very nice width - not too fat IMO.

The new tire/wheel setup looks great, I'll post pictures in a new thread as soon as I can.
That looks good man....definitely think that picture just helped to make my tire selection

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