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Anyone make front door speaker adapters on here?

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Hey everyone, so I kinda screwed up with my front speaker choice. I went with Alpine Type R because I got them off a buddy for dirt cheap. I tried to use the existing unit where the stock speaker was in to attach it but the speaker doesn't fit in it and has like a 1/4" hang so I cant reattach my door. So I'm wondering if anyone on here sells an adapter plate that I could buy? I need it for a 6x9 and I'm guessing I need about an inch and a half- an inch and a quarter for the adapter thickness...

I would love to make my own but do not have a jig saw or dremel or anything like that.
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What he said...PJC.

I just received my set Monday and they are fantastic. They're made from PVC so no concerns with moisture or warping. Absolutely awesome!
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I bought mine elsewhere, haven't installed them yet, but pjc's seem to be top notch.
Crutchfields probably has an adapter for you.
Fronts: Scosche SAT69 4-Runner Speaker Adapter for 2003 Toyota: Car Electronics

Rears: Scosche SAT6 Speaker Adapter for 2000-Up Toyota Echo/Avalon: Car Electronics

I've got these in my truck and they work just fine.

I did however seek out some brackets that will house 6.5" speakers in the rear and those brackets set me back about $18... is where I got mine from. Good quality, fast shipment and then he gave me 50% back when I sent him installation pictures to put in his gallery
I just installed a set of image dynamics 6x9's in the fronts and 6.5's in the rears using an adapter made of HDP (high density pastic) from tacotunes. they specialize in toyotas.

These are made of some tough dense plastic. Super easy to install and clears the window easily. Much better than the cheap PVC stuff flyin around he web. Another thing I've noticed was these higher density items make the speaker seat more firmly thus giving a more solid foundation for the speaker to make sound and in term sound better. You need to clear the inside of he speaker panel opening a bit with a razor blade.

When your done playing, give Rob at tactunes a call.

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