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I don't have high mileage but god knows I've had plenty of 200K+ Toyotas. If you are low on coolant and there is some seepage from the weep hole on the WP, change it. Cheap insurance. Only go original Toyota on WP, alternator, thermostat, and sensors like 02. I went through three alternators from the box auto stores within six months. I went through four WPs from them as well before I finally went into the dealer. This is on a couple 4Runners, Hilux, and Landcruisers. Oh, and replace the thermostat and gasket while replacing the WP.

Being that you are running a lift with bigger tires, I'd get the tranny service done. I know you can do this yourself but I'd consider the dealer on this one only because they can flush and drain. Besides it's a messy job.

I think it would be a good idea to drain and refill both diffs and transfer case. I'm not positive on the Tundra though if it is separate from the tranny. Your brake fluid and PS fluids will retain water over time and begin to degrade. Flushing and replacing the brake fluid will extend the life of your calipers and master. Honestly, I've never done PS fluid. Oddly enough.

Finally, changing spark plugs can't hurt anything right? Well, besides your pocket book a little.

Hit all the zerks with some grease as well. The rest, I'd leave alone I think. It's early and I'm only 1/2 cup deep so I may be forgetting something else.
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