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I'm putting a 2 1/5" spacer lift on my 08 double cab trd 4wd. I might/will be installing a CB1 +2 rear shackle set up once I get everything else done and see how it sets. I am clueless when it comes to alignments. I don't want a shop trying to sell me a load of bs about doing them so can I get a couple of questions answered?

1) Do the alignment specs change from factory specs after doing the front spacer install?

2) If they do change how do they know what to set them at?

3) will it make a difference if I have the new tires on at alignment time?

4) think I know this answer but installing the rear shackles after the alignment is ok? No need to re-align it right?

Probably dumb questions but I like to be able to talk about something and have a little knowledge about the subject. Thanks
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