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First off, let me start by saying I'm new to this particular forum (crossed over from TundraSolutions). I'm on my 2nd Tundra (first one being an 01 Limited Access Cab, loved her), which I recently acquired after trading in my Jeep...just can't stay away from a truck.

First thing I looked into for "performance" modifications is the CAI. In the past I've gone with a K&N kit, (had the full kit on a Ranger, and again on the 01 Tundra) and just a K&N filter on the Jeep. Never had any trouble with them.

After reading this Thread:

I'm now leaning towards the aFe (by the way, great thread). But in the process of searching around, I discovered this website:

K&N Air Filter Review - Debunking the Myths (and why OEM is better)

I find it interesting to see the numbers on the various FILTERS used (without regard to any "system"). I'd like to say in one aspect, this helped me look more at the aFe over the K&N. In another aspect, it makes me wonder if anybody out there has been "victim" to the fallout stemming from use of after market filters?

I would presume that the adverse effects can be effectively negated with proper cleaning and maintenance under the hood (or in the box, in some cases), i.e. "recharging," cleaning, or replacing filters in a timely manner. But has anybody ever had engine trouble which they believe to be the result of making the switch to aftermarket filter over traditional OEM filters?
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