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AEM's ECU Patch/Extension Harnesses work with most engine management systems and allow you to install turbo timers, data loggers and other ancillary electronics without having to cut and splice into your factory wiring harness.

•Never cut/splice the factory wiring harness again!
•Easy out-of-the-car access for an ancillary wiring
•Troubleshooting can be done outside of the vehicle
•Easy removal of any device that is no longer desired
•Constructed with original ECU and harness connectors for exact fitment
•Allows for easy access to all ECU signals/wires

2003-2005 - Tundra Limited - 4.7L/4663cc (285ci) V8 [2UZFE]
2003-2005 - Tundra SR5 - 4.7L/4663cc (285ci) V8 [2UZFE]
2005-2005 - Tundra - 4.7L/4663cc (285ci) V8 [2UZFE]
2005-2006 - Tundra SR5 - 4.0L/3956ccV6 [1GRFE]
2005-2006 - Tundra - 4.0L/3956ccV6 [1GRFE]
2006-2006 - Tundra Limited - 4.7L/4663cc (285ci) V8 [2UZFE]
2006-2006 - Tundra SR5 - 4.7L/4663cc (285ci) V8 [2UZFE]
2006-2006 - Tundra - 4.7L/4663cc (285ci) V8 [2UZFE]

GO TO NOPI AEM Electronics & Performance Catalog for model specific details

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