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Before anyone asks, yes, I have researched this for weeks and spent several days tinkering on my truck. My wife is getting mad that I've spent all of my free time on this, so it's time to stop guessing and time to get some solid answers :)

I'm adding a 5 channel JL amp and JL subs. In the future, I'll hook the amp up to the stock speakers, or maybe also add aftermarket speakers, but I'm not concerned with that today unless someone is feeling extra helpful. What I need to know is how to install them WITH WIRE COLORS.

Originally I wanted to use an LOC to tap into the already wired sub speaker wires under the back seat. I hooked everything up and got no sound, despite my amp turning on and everything seemed to be wired okay. Maybe I'm supposed to tap before the amp, not after the amp?? But I don't know what wire colors to tap.. I thought it would be a simple plug and play

Then I remembered I had a nice alpine single din with 3 pairs of RCA outs. But when I started tinkering with that, I got the radio to turn on but no sound, I assume because it is not compatible with the JBL amp.

So.. without buying a crazy expensive wiring harness, how can I do this and am I on the right track? I'd like to use the LOC because I want to keep the stock radio look and not have to mess with or buy the Bluetooth and steering wheel control adapters and hardware, but I'll be open to both suggestions.

All help appreciated, thanks guys and gals!
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