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For those of you who would like to add a 'hidden' 40-inch single row LED to your Tundra, I was able to make it work. It took about 5 hours from start to finish but if I had to do it again, I could probably finish in half the time. Here is what I did:

First, as you move along, be sure to continually check your measurements. I must have inserted and removed the light bar 20 times. You know the saying - measure twice, cut once.

Here we go:
I removed the top part of the grill which consisted of 3 bolts and 6 plastic clips. After removing the 3 bolts, I grabbed the right side of the grill and popped it off.

Next I used my dremel and cut the 3 front supports and bent them down. I would use these bent supports later for a PCV board. I also cut part of the bottom holes where the plastic clips mount to the hood. I had to do this b/c I needed the clearance for the bar.

I grabbed the mounts supplied with the light and mounted them to the light bar. I had to cut out part of the hood so the bar would fit. I already cut the crap out of the supports so I was already locked in at this point. :/


Next the fun part. Since the depth of the light bar is deeper than the rear supports on the hood, instead of cutting them, I thought I would try to knock them back with a mallet. Worked like a charm and since they aren't directly connected to the top of the hood, it didn't effect the hood at all. I knocked all 6 rear supports back and then bent down the front 3.

Now the fabrication part. Since the stock mounts would not work b/c of a 7/8" height difference, I went to Lowes and picked up a piece of flat bar, cut it into 5" lengths and bent it.

If you don't already have some, get Tap Magic to help cut and drill. It makes a HUGE difference.

Now to dry fit it. Somehow all my measurements were correct so it fit perfect.

I had to remove the clip holder mounts on the grill b/c they were getting in the way now that that light bar was in place. Time to dremel some more...

Time for another dry fit to make sure everything is fitting the way it should. I used a wooden block to keep it in place.

Time for the home stretch. I mounted the light bar into position and bolted everything down. I then CLOSED the hood and used a level to make sure the light was sitting at 90-degrees. After a little adjusting, removing the light bar for the final time, I tightened everything and reinstalled it. NOTE: make sure your truck is on a level surface before you level the light bar.

Here is a picture of the bolts holding under the hood holding the brackets.

I cut the power harness wire b/c the connector was way to big to fish through the existing holes in the hood. It only took a minute to run the wires since the channel in the hood was more than wide enough. I soldered the wires, used shrink tube and was good to go.

After putting everything back together, I noticed when looking in the grill, the bent metal and inside the compartment was showing. It looked pretty ghetto so I cut a piece of PVC board (PVC board will not rot), painted it flat black and used the 3 front supports I cut earlier and bent down to hold the board. Much better!

And now the final product using the 200w light bar from MudLifeLED:







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Nice work. Like your attention to detail.

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You lost me at "cut" :lmao:

When are you staying overnight in SoCal? :seeya:

Looks great!
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