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I remember when you told me you got 1" out of the 1/2" shims...and I couldn't believe it. (didn't doubt you, it just went against everything that I thought I learned) :lol: By my calculations, a 1/2" top spacer should have given you .8" of lift....which is pretty damn close to 1" anyway....but....

In my research on our trucks, I found that the ratio is 1.6 times spacer thickness = lift height.
i.e., the following seem to be true:
1.25" thick spacers give 2" lift.
1.5" thick spacers give 2.4" lift.
1.75" thick spacers give 2.8" lift.
1.875" thick spacers give 3" lift..

So...I have no clue how to answer your question :D It is basic geometry, triangles angles, length of sides, etc, and can be proven one way or the other, with angle and triangle side measurements, I assume...
Excellent post. I was going to ask my my Supreme Suspensions front spacers are only 1.5". This explains it all. Thank you.
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