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First, I love this truck. Only had it about a year but not sure where to even begin to trouble shoot.

All the A/C functions seem to be frozen. When it first starts, it defaults to 72. It will let me change the indicated temp, but the actual temp stays the no heat or colder air. It also doesn't seem to change from where the air is blowing. It comes out the dash vents and the floor vents, but cannot change to defrost or dash only. The re-circulation is also stuck in fresh air only. The only thing that it looks like I can contract is whether the a/c compressor is on or off....oh, and I can also control the blower speed.

The truck is only a 2014 with about 42K miles, but of course beyond the 3 yr warranty. Crew Max, 5.7L, Limited, 2X4...if that helps. Haven't taken it in just yet, but wanted to see if anyone else has even heard of this issue. I couldn't find any other similar complaints. Thanks in advance for any direction here!
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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