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So I got my new tires put on last week, and as the snow was melting on my virginia farm I d ecided to test them out. I went down a hill into a "bowl" on my farm with steep hills to get out all the way around. The melting snow and mud was a mess and I couldn't make it up.I was going up and spinning and sliding back down. While in 4wd (lo I think) I was making an attempt up the hill and again wouldn't make it..truk slid back down and cut off....when I cut it back on the abs light was on (was also hard starting..starter was working harder it seemed) problems just light...once I finally made it out I cut the truck off and restarted it and light is off and everything is fine..I've been driving it with no problems...should I worry about anything?
1 - 1 of 3 Posts
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