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Howzzzit folks? Newbie here to the tundra forums, so take it easy. Always been a diehard Toyota fan, and always will be. Recently my AC compressor has started making noise resembling a p51 mustang fighter plane. I’ve got quotes to replace it, but all in the 1400-1800$ range which seems ridiculous, I just did a full Toyota brand brake job and had the timing belt service completed, and I’m now too broke to pay a shop for this one. All shops are saying that the receiver/drier should be replaced as well (ok) but I haven’t had any luck in finding any videos on how to.. Should I replace the entire system in fear of metal particulate contamination? Thanks for any helpful input!!

2007 TRD DC 4.7 175k miles

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Have done many a ac system. Yes, when the compressor goes, it can throw metal pieces into the system that eventually plug up the orifice and get caught I the accumulator. You'll need:

  • full set of guages
  • vacuum pump
  • Flush kit
  • air compressor
  • various flare wrenches

  • compressor
  • orifice
  • accumulator
  • oring kit if the above did not come with them
  • flush solution
  • system oi
  • vacuum pump oil
  • freon

Remove compressor, accumulator and orifice
Use flush machine to dissolve oil coating the system so the particulates can be flushed out. Use on each section that is exposed by the removed parts.
After flush, use air compressor (oil less) to blow out remaining fluid.
Install parts using using (coat with oil). Add proper amount of oil to each part.
Install vacuum pump and guages and vacuum down. Since this is effectively a new wet install, you'll have to change the vacuum pump oil mid way as it will accumulate junk b water from the system.
Stop pump and turn pump valve off.
Monitor vacuum to confirm the system holds vacuum (no leaks).
Install Freon can, open tap and let vacuum pull in Freon. Close tap, install second can (if using cans vs tank).
Once the system vacuum stops taking Freon, start truck and monitor guages. Using service manual, add Freon to achieve service spec.
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